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These pages represent a summary of the presentations given by the SixXS Staff concerning SixXS.

SixXS Sunset Presentation

The following presentation is a short summary with some other details than our Sunsetting SixXS article.

Formats: PPTX, PDF.

Pim's presentations

The following presentations where held by Pim van Pelt .

Introduction to IPv6HAL 2001 ConferenceFlag of Netherlands, The Enschede, Netherlands, TheJune 2001 
IPng.nlThe IIR ConferenceFlag of Belgium Brussels, BelgiumFebruary 2002Web
From to SixXSRIPE42Flag of Netherlands, The Amsterdam, Netherlands, TheApril 2002RIPE
IPv6 in EuropeSANEFlag of Netherlands, The Maastricht, Netherlands, TheMay 2002Web
IPv6 DeploymentMegaBITFlag of Netherlands, The Ede, Netherlands, TheAugust 2002 

Jeroen's presentations

The following presentations where held by Jeroen Massar , other presentations can be found on his homepage.

Ghost Route HunterRIPE44Flag of Netherlands, The Amsterdam, Netherlands, The29 January 2003PPT
RIPE Webcast (RTSP)
IPv6 Routing Table AnomaliesRIPE46Flag of Netherlands, The Amsterdam, Netherlands, The3 September 2003PPT
RIPE Webcast (WMV)
IPv6 IntroductionHRO SOTAFlag of Netherlands, The Rotterdam, Netherlands, The14 November 2003PPT
IPv6 Golden NetworksRIPE47Flag of Netherlands, The Amsterdam, Netherlands, The27 January 2004PPT
Taking a look at IPv6 DeploymentSwiNOG 11Flag of Switzerland Bern, Switzerland20 October 2005PDF
Inside SixXS - A Virtual ISP HowtoSAGE-IE, TCD NetSocFlag of Ireland Dublin, Ireland12 December 2006 
IPv6 - real life operations and experience with customersDNSSEC and IPv6 workshopFlag of Sweden Stockholm, Sweden20 October 2008PPT
SixXS - A meetingplace for tunnelsInternetdagarna 2008Flag of Sweden Stockholm, Sweden21 October 2008PPT
SixXS - Trying to Get IPv6 to the UserNANOG48Flag of United States Austin, Texas, United States22 February 2010PPT
An I.P.V. SixXS OverviewIPv6-Kongress 2014Flag of Germany Frankfurt, Germany23 May 2014PPT

IPv6 related presentations by others

Following are links to interesting IPv6 related presentations given by other people.

Even more documentation can be found in the IPv6 Resources FAQ.

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