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Points of Presence

Points of Presence Worldwide

SixXS PoPs Worldwide

A PoP (Point of Presence) is a router/machine serving IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels. In RFC3053 IPv6 Tunnel Broker terminology a PoP would be called a Tunnel Server, while SixXS is the Tunnel Broker. Each one of these PoPs is under complete control of the owner (the ISP providing it) and using its own DFP for serving out addresses to its clients under the policies defined by the owner of the PoP. SixXS manages the day to day aspects of these PoPs and provides the software and knowledge to run them properly.

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The status of the PoPs can be checked on the PoP Status/Overview page and per-pop pages linked below. Trouble Tickets can be found in the Tickets Tracker. PoP Up/Down status updates are available through RSS RSS Feed of PoP Status, Twitter Logo@tweetsix, and also on our Status Information IRC channel.

New PoPs

New PoPs are always welcome to join, which is completely free, the PoP is not required to be public and control & usage depend on the policy of the owner. Contact us and ask for more information when needed. To keep the quality high we've defined a couple of requirements for an ISP to become a SixXS PoP. To request a new PoP please provide us a fully filled in requirements form.

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Points of Presence Europe

SixXS PoPs Europe

Points of Presence North America

SixXS PoPs North America

Points of Presence South America

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Points of Presence Asia

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Points of Presence Down Under

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Current PoPs

The following maps show the physical locations of the 46 PoPs spread over 29 countries that the SixXS Tunnel Broker system currently manages worldwide. See the list of PoP prefixes for an overview of the prefixes being used by these PoPs.

The PoP status can be Up, Down or Planned.

Australia (.au)Australia
 BrisbaneUpaubne01OCCAID Inc.
 SydneyUpausyd01OCCAID Inc.
Belgium (.be)Belgium
 BrusselsUpbebru02BELNET, The Belgian Research and Education Network
 Sint NiklaasUpbeanr01EDPnet N.V.
Brazil (.br)Brazil
Czech Republic (.cz)Czech Republic
 PragueUpczprg01Ignum, s.r.o.
Denmark (.dk)Denmark
Faroe Islands (.fo)Faroe Islands
 TorshavnUpfotor01Faroese Telecom
Finland (.fi)Finland
 HelsinkiUpfihel01DNA Oy
France (.fr)France
 MarseilleUpfrmrs01Jaguar Network SARL
Germany (.de)Germany
 CologneUpdecgn01NetCologne Gesellschaft fur Telekommunikation mbH
 DuesseldorfUpdedus01SpeedPartner GmbH
 LeonbergUpdeleo01interscholz Internet Services GmbH & Co. KG
 MuenchenUpdemuc02M-net Telekommunikations GmbH
 OldenburgUpdeolo01EWE TEL GmbH
Greece (.gr)Greece
 AthensUpgrath01Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET)
Hungary (.hu)Hungary
 BudapestUphubud01DIGI Kft
 BudapestUphubud02DIGI Kft
Ireland (.ie)Ireland
 DublinUpiedub02Digiweb Limited
Italy (.it)Italy
Netherlands, The (.nl)Netherlands, The
 AmsterdamUpnlams04Stipte B.V.
 EdeUpnlede01BIT BV
 HaarlemUpnlhaa01Leaseweb B.V.
New Caledonia (.nc)New Caledonia
 NoumeaUpncnou01Nautile SARL
New Zealand (.nz)New Zealand
 WellingtonUpnzwlg01Advanced Computer Solutions (ACSData)
Norway (.no)Norway
Poland (.pl)Poland
 PoznanUpplpoz01Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
Russia (.ru)Russia
 St.PetersburgUpruled01EDPnet N.V.
Slovenia (.si)Slovenia
Sweden (.se)Sweden
Switzerland (.ch)Switzerland
 GenevaUpchgva01IP-Max Network Services
 ZurichUpchzrh02Init7 AG
United Kingdom (Great Britain) (.gb)United Kingdom (Great Britain)
 LondonUpgblon02Goscomb Technologies
 LondonUpgblon03Gyron Internet LTD - Limited UK Company
United States (.us)United States
 Anchorage, AlaskaUpusanc01General Communication Incorporated (GCI)
 Ashburn, VirginiaUpusqas01OCCAID Inc.
 Boston, MassachusettsUpusbos01OCCAID Inc.
 Chicago, IllinoisUpuschi02Your.Org, Inc.
 Chicago, IllinoisUpuschi03Team Cymru
 Los AngelesUpuslax03OCCAID Inc.
Vietnam (.vn)Vietnam
 HanoiUpvnhan01NetNam Corporation

nlams01 was relocated to Breda, though it still uses Concepts's Amsterdam address space.
deham01 was formerly demuc01, when it was still located in Muenchen.

Former PoPs

Following PoPs where previously also available.

Belgium (.be)Belgium
Denmark (.dk)Denmark
 Copenhagendkcph02Fullrate A/S
Estonia (.ee)Estonia
 Tallinneetll01Linxtelecom Estonia
Germany (.de)Germany
 Muenchendemun01Interoute Germany GmbH
Luxembourg (.lu)Luxembourg
 Luxembourglulux01POST Luxembourg
Netherlands, The (.nl)Netherlands, The
 Amsterdamnlams02IPng (Intouch)
 Amsterdamnlams03AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange)
 Bredanlams01Concepts ICT BV
Poland (.pl)Poland
 Poznanplpoz02Inotel S.A.
Portugal (.pt)Portugal
 Lisboaptlis01NFSi Telecom, Lda.
Switzerland (.ch)Switzerland
United States (.us)United States
 Atlanta, Georgiausatl01OCCAID Inc.
 Chicago, Illinoisuschi01OCCAID Inc.
 Dallas, Texasusdal01Highwinds Network Group Inc
 Los Angelesuslax02BurstNET Technologies, Inc.
 Los Angeles, Californiauslax01Highwinds Network Group Inc
 Miami, Floridausmia01BurstNET Technologies, Inc.
 Newark, New Jerseyusewr01OCCAID Inc.
 Phoenix, Arizonausphx01Highwinds Network Group Inc

PoP Naming Scheme

PoPs are named according to UN/LOCODE in the format of a two letter country code followed by a three letter city code and a two digit sequence number.

Tunnel Naming Scheme

Tunnel endpoints will have two DNS forward and reverse entries:
The gw stands for Gateway and is on the side of the PoP, ::1 in the /64. That address should only appear in traceroutes. cl stands for client and it is the endpoint of the client, ::2 in the /64.


  • - Gateway endpoint of tunnel 20 on PoP nlams02.
  • - Client endpoint of tunnel 42 on PoP iedub01.
  • - Client endpoint of tunnel 13 on public part of PoP plpoz01.
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