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About SixXS

SixXS is not a company, but rather a privately conducted development of software and services. As such, we do not have any owners except for the two Copyright holders, Pim and Jeroen, mentioned below, who set up SixXS with a lot of time and effort, building the service from the ground up as a community service over a stretch over more than 10 years.

One of our targets is to provide good IPv6 connectivity.

For whom?

For everybody. The average joe and jane can use AICCU so that they can use IPv6 very quick and easy. For the technically savvy, they can also use AICCU or they can set the tunnel up manually, whatever one wishes.

SixXS Staff

The SixXS staff members keep work, private, and SixXS separate thus respect this and don't mix them up. Please see the contact page for more information on how to contact SixXS.

The following persons make up the SixXS Staff.

RIPE Handle:
APNIC Handle:
PGP Key:
PGP Fingerprint:
   Pim van Pelt
Zürich, Switzerland Zürich, Switzerland (.ch)
3183 0916 6A64 4631 6059
A528 8AE6 B38D 4DCA 7E5E
   Jeroen Massar
Zürich, Switzerland Zürich, Switzerland (.ch)
48E8 2BD4 3B4A 622E 405C
3A35 29AA 2852 333E 7C23

Neither Pim's employer (Google), nor Jeroen's employer (Massar Networking) have any relation to or responsibility for the SixXS project. The Staff members are putting their spare time into this project and as such, none other than they are responsible for the projects wellbeing.

PoP Administrators

The PoP Administrators are the people who operate the PoP for their company and make sure that the PoP keeps working and is kept updated. Don't forget to thank these people when you realize that everything works smoothly.

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The SixXS services are provided on a best-effort basis.

SixXS shall not be held liable for any damages, or any losses under any circumstances resulting from the use of information taken from the SixXS website or by the use of the various services provided by SixXS.

In cases involving law enforcement we will fully cooperate and provide as much details and cooperation as possible.

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