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Welcome to the SixXS Wiki, a wiki containing IPv6 information: for IPv6 users, by IPv6 users.

SixXS users can freely add and modify any information here. Information should be on the subject of IPv6. Entries which are important will most likely be referenced/transfered to the FAQ. If you also want to participate in this Wiki then signup for a free SixXS account.

Your SixXS account automatically grants you an account in this MediaWiki installation. Of course like everything in SixXS, please don't abuse it, same policies as for the tunnels apply here too. Make a difference and contribute, this is your chance.

The My Preferences option allows you to change your email address, this though does not have effect. Your email address, Real Name and NickName are taken from the main SixXS system. As such, if you have a need for changing it, you will have to follow the normal updating procedure. This is done to have a clear technical separation from the SixXS backend and the wiki, keeping the wiki more or less independent while keeping the integrity of verified user accounts.

Of course don't forget to check the main SixXS FAQ which contains a lot of questions and answers too.

Article Categories

As articles are created, they should be tagged with an appropriate category so they can be listed and tracked.