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AICCU - Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility


AICCU (Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility) makes it easy for users to get IPv6 connectivity. After having requested an account, tunnel and optionally a subnet, AICCU can be used to automatically configure the tunnel. AICCU supports TIC (Tunnel Information & Control protocol), which it uses for retrieving the tunnel configuration information, AYIYA, which allows tunnels to be created even behind firewalls and NAT's.

AICCU uses The GNU Transport Layer Security Library to secure TIC communications. GNUTLS Logo

Award Of Excellence

IPv6 Application Contest 2004 - Implementation Award of Excellence

AICCU has won the Award of Excellence in the Implementation Category of the 2004 Edition of the IPv6 Application Contest.


When encountering problems, first check the FAQ, if that does not solve your issue, please report them directly to SixXS.

User contributed information can be found in the Wiki.


This software comes with an Open Source LICENSE.


Please read the README that is included with AICCU. Following is an important section of that text:

WARNING: Never run AICCU from DaemonTools or a similar automated 'restart' tool/script. When AICCU does not start, it has a reason not to start which it gives on either the stdout or in the (sys)log file. The TIC server *will* automatically disable accounts which are detected to run in this mode. Use 'verbose true' to see more information which is especially handy when starting fails.

Please also heed the notice in the TIC FAQ which explains what happens to clients that connect repeatively.


Latest Windows console version: 2012.02.02
Latest UNIX/Console version: 2007.01.15

Alternatively to the above links, one can also access the AICCU download archive directly for older and alternative versions.

An example configuration file: aiccu.conf
For the Windows version store as c:\windows\aiccu.conf or in the same directory as the binary.
For the UNIX versions store in /etc/ or the path which got configured at compile time.

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