SixXS::Sunset 2017-06-06


The main contact address for SixXS is, which is the sole email address one should use to contact SixXS. Due to the international effort put into SixXS the official and sole language used is English.

On 2017-06-06 SixXS performed a sunset.

This website is a static edition of the SixXS website.

Please read the Sunsetting SixXS page for more details.

Where to report/ask what?

The following quick table shows where to go for certain problems. Please keep in mind the Problems Checklist.

FAQ, Wiki and ForumConfiguration questions, IPv6-enabled Applications, Development etc or Private TicketsQuestions about signups, account updates, request rejections
TicketsOperational issues; eg tunnel not working, routing issues, DNS problems (after making sure your setup is correct, hence provide details and/or ask in the forums)

We make status updates and announce news headlines on Twitter account Twitter Logo@tweetsix. For questions though please use email as it is a publish-only feed, we do not follow it for questions/comments.

In case you are having issues with our services, don't hesitate to contact us. But please follow the guidelines given below as it makes it so much easier to resolve problems. Also, by reading the below guidelines and especially the FAQ most issues can be resolved. When having configuration issues, don't hesitate to make use of the Forums.

When you do not adhere to these simple guidelines, don't be surprised if you get pointed to this page or asked for more details.

What to do when contacting SixXS?

We ask you to respect the following when contacting us:

  • Write a proper English message, including a salutation, core section and greeting.
  • Include a descriptive subject and if available your username (typically xxxx-SIXXS or xxxx-RIPE etc).
  • Use your complete real name in both the message and the from address, thus configure your mail client correctly.
  • Use the email address you registered with
  • Explain your problem or question in detail by reading and using the Reporting Problems section on this page.
  • When replying please adhere to Inline Replying & Netiquette Guidelines.
  • All email, and due to the volumes of spam also the abuse@ address, is spam-scanned and rejected during SMTP-DATA using SpamAssassin thus don't spam us.

Didn't get a reply? Remember that patience is a virtue. If you uphold to the above rules then just wait a few days. At times there is an email backlog on our side, but we will come back to you at one point. There is also quite a lot happening behind the scenes and we actually also still have real work to do which gets priority. Resending the message doesn't make the message come through quicker, it will only cause the pile of emails to answer become longer and thus a reply to be delayed further. Also note that you might receive responses from multiple members of the opers team and that all the oper members read your messages, thus when addressing, address the whole team ('Hi SixXS') and not a individual team member.


As we strive to make the SixXS service available and useable for everybody, we are always interested in feedback. Thus if you encounter something which is not clear, too difficult, requires explanation or could be done better or in a different way which would improve the experience for the users, then do not hesitate to describe the problem and email it to our contact address. One can of course also discuss this in the Forum's "What can be done better" thread.


Abuse and related messages should be sent directly to SixXS has an Incident Response Team, as registered in the RIPE database with the IRT-SIXXS handle. Also see our Abuse FAQ and the above contact information. In case of reporting SPAM/UCE/Viruses, either attach them in a ZIP file or PGP encrypt your message. SixXS managed prefixes can be found in whois and in our own PoP Prefix List. IPv4 endpoint information of all tunnels can be found by quering for the IPv6 address. When including data in the email that might be considered spam/virus, please either password-protect zip it and/or pastebin it somewhere refering to it in the email. Unfortunately we received too much spam on the abuse address to not restrict this.

SixXS uses the role object SIXT1-RIPE for RIPE, SATR1-AP for APNIC and STRA1-ARIN for ARIN which are applied to the various registry objects which are managed by SixXS. In case of issues with any object associated with that do not hesitate to contact us.

Reporting problems / Troubleshooting / Checklist

When describing a problem, either to the Opers in an email to the above address, or with a post in the Forum or in the Ticket System, please provide the following information where available and use it as a checklist to figure out where your problem might be, without it helping you resolv your problem becomes pretty much impossible, but with these details it becomes much easier, thus provide as much information as possible:

As stated below, we are not a helpdesk, but we are willing to help; we do need to have these details though, otherwise there is not much help that we can give. When these details are not provided, we will reply and simply point to this list.

  • Always include clear descriptive information about your problem or inquiry.
  • Check the "Live Tunnel Status", found by clicking on the Tunnel Details in your User Home, this shows the status of the tunnel as the PoP sees it.
  • When using AICCU, please run it using "aiccu test" this should provide minor diagnostics.
  • When using AICCU, check that you are using the latest version, and of course please specify where the binary comes from, also run it with the 'verbose true' flag and provide the output of that.
  • Always provide your NIC handle and if applicable the Tunnel or Route IDs you wish to discuss.
  • Use the email address you have provided in your handle as that is what we use as a contact handle.
  • Provide details of the setup, type of connections, where NATs are located.
  • Provide information of your OS type, version and release (ie. uname -a), noting also the distribution name.
  • Include full interface, routing and firewall tables.
  • Include the list of firewall and anti-virus software you have installed / are running (note that under Windows some 'firewall' tools don't understand IPv6 at all and thus just throw it away, only uninstall helps for those cases).
  • Include a IPv4 and IPv6 traceroute to the PoP in question.
  • With heartbeat tunnels, first check clock synchronization or better: use AICCU.
  • Check with Wireshark or tcpdump of the interface over which the tunnel runs.
    Use -n (numeric) as an option and don't filter returning ICMP which could also come from routers between your endpoint and the PoP and also use -s 1500 so that one gets the full packet.
  • The status of the PoP is listed on the PoP Status page, if it is marked down there we are aware of the issue and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible. Additionally other issues are listed in the Ticket Tracker Ticket Tracker.
  • We are not your personal helpdesk, thus first read the FAQ and/or use the forum, many cases can already be solved that way, but we do want to have you actually use the tunnel thus do contact us if the problem persists.

Note that you should have read the FAQ first which we will refer to it directly. Some questions are also asked and answered in the Forums which is another place you can look first. We also handle the rule which says stupid questions become stupid answers.


The SixXS Forums provide a central place for IPv6 users around the world to communicate with each other. Even though it requires a SixXS login to post it isn't restricted to SixXS users.

IRC Chat Channel

For discussing IPv6 related subjects we suggest people to use the #ipv6 channel on Freenode as there are a lot of active knowledgeable people present there who can help with answers to your questions. The Freenode Webchat allows one to jump right in.

If you need to contact the SixXS Opers, depending on the problem, use the Ticket system or email.
SixXS Opers and Staff are not present on IRC to respond to your questions or comments.

As per the above green and hopefully very visible note, the very kind folks of #ipv6 at Freenode cannot resolve any account issues; they also clearly state that in their topic. We therefor apologize to the inhabitants of #ipv6 for all the people who clearly do not read the information on the SixXS website and go there anyway asking about such questions.

Static Sunset Edition of SixXS
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