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What can SixXS do for an ISP?

SixXS gives an ISP an easy and costless way to deliver IPv6 connectivity to their customers who are connected using IPv4. SixXS is basically the provisioning system (Tunnel Broker) for the PoP. If wanted it can also be controlled from a remote site and even using a custom web interface.

Basically the only few things an ISP has to do are:

  • Fill in and mail the requirements form.
  • Take care of IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.
  • Setup a machine which will act as the Tunnel Server and thus will become a SixXS PoP.
  • Attach one IPv4 address to that PoP.
  • Route for instance a /40 of IPv6 space to the PoP.
  • Define a policy who can get tunnels from the Tunnel Server.
  • SixXS Staff configures the SixXS software on the PoP.
  • Activate the PoP.
  • Take care of IPv4 and IPv6 routing.

This enables the following features which are activatable per wish of the ISP:

  • Static IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels.
  • True dynamic IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels using the Heartbeat Protocol.
  • NAT-piercing AYIYA tunnels.
  • Anonymous tunnels using a simple client, only allowing specific users from specific prefixes, just run the client and it works.
  • Subnet delegation to the enduser.
  • Easy configuration for the clients using the TIC (Tunnel Information & Control Protocol as used by AICCU.
  • Latency and traffic statistics.
  • Multicast connectivity.

Other features and wishes not mentioned here are available on request. For further information contact SixXS.

The ISP that operates the PoP defines the policy for that PoP, as such SixXS doesn't require a PoP to be public and only wants to see that ISPs give the ability to endusers of having IPv6 connectivity and thus having IPv6 deployment.

For SixXS our goal is achieved this way: providing IPv6 to end users.

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