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What can SixXS do for endusers?

With currently most of the PoPs publically and freely available for all users around the world, SixXS can facilitate access to the IPv6 networks provided by the various PoPs which we maintain for the ISPs who are hosting these PoPs. This allows endusers to experience IPv6 now and test and use it in a professional manner.

For endusers SixXS acts as a IPv6 Tunnel Broker managing a number of IPv6 Tunnel Servers.

Users can use an existing RIPE, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC or AFRINIC handle and signup to the service. When one does not have such a handle yet one can obtain one eg from RIPE by using their Web Updates tool. After human verification and approval users can request a tunnel and a subnet allowing them to fully use IPv6 in their own network.

Tunnel requests are approved to the PoP which is chosen based on latency and geographical distance keeping eg. German based users connected to the German PoPs and Dutch users on the Dutch PoPs.

We do not provide tunnels to networks where native IPv6 is already available. Tunnels are a transition method and if native IPv6 is available that network has already been transitioned. Networks that provide their own tunneled IPv6 connectivity should also use that instead of our service, this to keep traffic local and latency low.

If you are an ISP and looking for providing tunneled IPv6 connectivity for your customers and thus are in need of a IPv6 Tunnel Broker then check the FAQ: SixXS for ISPs.

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