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How do I configure my machine to setup the IPv6 in IPv4 tunnel to the SixXS PoP?

The easiest way is by using AICCU, though if one wants to configure it manually or because AICCU doesn't support your platform, then you can pick your Operating system from the following list. AICCU can configure static, heartbeat and AYIYA tunnels.

Warning The manual methods described below only apply to static proto-41 tunnels. AYIYA and heartbeat tunnels require AICCU.

If you know how to configure other Operating Systems, don't hesitate and mail it to our contact address.
Information about setting up tunnels behind NAT can be found in the Euro6ix IPv6 Tunnels over NAT document, in general this means that you need to forward protocol-41 (note: protocol, not port) to the real endpoint. To be able to cross a NAT one could also use an AYIYA tunnel.

The MTU on the side of the PoP has been configured to 1280 as this is the highest value supported by Linux.

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