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Note You are connecting with IPv4. This collection of Cool IPv6 Stuff only works for IPv6 enabled hosts.
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Cool IPv6 Stuff

Cool IPv6 Stuff

Find below a collection of cool things to do with your IPv6 connection. Of course when you know other cool things that one can do with IPv6, then don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions. Of course SixXS users who provide cool things can earn extra credits.

IPv6 Toy Gallery

A special Gallery of IPv6 Toys containing devices ranging from IPv6 enabled Fridges to IPv6 Enabled Plant Watering sensors and devices.

Cool IPv6 Stuff To See

Blinkenlights: Star Wars

Available in black and white for IPv4 users, but available in color for BlinkenLights - Star Wars Asciimation. The IPv6 version has extra scenes and extra color support. So if you want to experience ASCII Star Wars to its fullest you really should get IPv6. You do need a color monitor for that of course.

Beijing 2008 Olympics Website

The Official Olympics 2008 in Beijing website is IPv6 enabled.

Czech TV 24

Czech TV 24, live full-PAL videostream of Czech TV 24.

G8 Summit TV & Radio Streams


During the G8 Summit, you can watch the G8 TV with commentaries etc at:

IPv6 Video On Demand


Chinese TV channels and the Video pages with Chinese news reports. Although the titles are in in Chinese and the movies are subbed in Chinese one can still of course look and listen to these movies as most of them are English.

One can also take a peek at HINET Media for another list of Video On Demand movies.

These services are On Demand and IPv6 Only. Note that this does require either Windows Media Player 9 or VLC.

IPv6 Enabled Webcams

Check out the live TERENA Webcam at Koningsplein, Amsterdam, which includes 24fps video and live stereo sound.

IPv6 Streamed Radio & TV

SURFnet, who are also hosting the nlams05 PoP, have the availability of several streams, both video and audio, including a variety of mainly Dutch public stations, including the TV channels Nederland 1, Nederland 2, Nederland 3 and radio channels, Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3FM and Radio 4. Included is also VPRO, 3VOOR12.

See the The full IPv6 streams list for the links. You will need a tool like Windows Media Player, Mplayer or VideoLAN.

Cool IPv6 Stuff To Hear

IPv6 Radio

In other words IPv6 Streaming Audio. VLC, XMMS and Windows Media Player 9.0 have native IPv6 support. Using the described nt6tunnel trick one can listen to many IPv6 capable audio streams with other tools too.

IPv6-IPv4 and IPv4-IPv6 Website Gateway

IPv6-IPv4 and IPv4-IPv6 Website Gateway

This website gateway gives IPv6 capable http-clients access to IPv4-only websites and IPv4 clients access to IPv6 sites. With a few gateway-side tricks all the external hosts on the websites get the domain added to their hostname thus further queries will end up going through the gateway. See the IPv6 to IPv6 Website Gateway pages for more information. You can thus read the Playboy or CNN over IPv6. Or finally look at the Dancing KAME by using the IPv4-IPv6 variant (append

Flickr IPv6 Google IPv6 Wikipedia IPv6 Playboy IPv6 CNN IPv6 Indymedia IPv6 Victoria's Secret IPv6

Large Websites which are IPv6 enabled

Some 'large' websites that are IPv6 enabled:



IPv6style is a comprehensive information website for people who learn, build and use IPv6. It contains several great articles and tutorials and is updated regularly with more interesting documentation.

IPv6 Newsservers

If you got native working IPv6 news agents, just point your agent to either:

IPv6 Newsservers
News HostISPSizeRetentionConnectionsSpeedAvailability
newszilla6.xs4all.nlXs4all40+ Terabyte18 days3150kb/spublic
reader.ipv6.xsnews.nlXSNewssignup107 days1020mbit/ssignup at IPv6 Test
news.itgate.netITgaterestricted   Only accessible for ITgate PoP users Tele2 / SWIPpublic   Max 5 connections per IP for IPv6 users, read-only including binaries

These newsservers are open for everybody in the IPv6 world. (note that this is a service provided by those ISPs and not by SixXS)

If you don't have a IPv6 capable news client (eg: Outlook Express) then download NT6Tunnel or a similar port forwarder and use:

C:\Programs\Net>nt6tunnel -v 119 <newsserver>

Now you can setup your News Agent to use the server at localhost and you are off as the nt6tunnel program will simply forward your connection over IPv6 allowing you access to the news.

On Windows XP and up the 'netsh' command allows the creation of portforwards too:

netsh interface portproxy add v4tov6 listenport=119 connectport=119

SixXS doesn't mind the traffic, we'd rather see it be 100mbit+ as that would mean it is really being used. Every PoP has at least one 100mbit interface and thus should be able to do that per PoP.

Multicast IPv6

Some of the SixXS PoPs support Multicast IPv6, see the separate Multicast Support FAQ for more information. More information and the possibilities of Multicast can be found on m6bone. One could also take a look at Radio.Unfix.

Virgin Radio Virgin Radio UK Multicast

Cool IPv6 Stuff To Play

IPv6 Quake

At Quake IPv6 you can find IPv6 enabled Quake 1 and Quake 2 servers along with their clients in the archive. Hexago has also fixed Quake3 to support IPv6 and have a server online. ioQuake is also IPv6 capable.


Minecraft, being a Java-based game, supports IPv6. If there is a AAAA record in the DNS entry for the server you will be automatically connected over IPv6.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft supports IPv6, you will need to enable it by checking the IPv6 checkbox in the settings.


Play online poker with your friends over IPv6, see: PokerTH. PokerTH is a GNU/GPL licensed open-source poker-engine and it is free to play and doesn't require registrations.

IPv6 Multi User Dungeon (MUD)

The Fatal Dimensions MUD runs over IPv6. To connect, just telnet to port 4000 on If you don't know what a mud is, check The Mud Connector introduction to muds.

Voice over IPv6 (VoIP)

IPv6 Phone

The Vovida Open Communication Application Library (VOCAL) is an open source project targeted at facilitating the adoption of VoIP in the marketplace. VOCAL provides the development community with software and tools needed to build new and exciting VoIP features, applications and services. The software in VOCAL includes a SIP based Redirect Server, Feature Server, Provisioning Server, Policy Server and Marshal Proxy along with protocol translators from SIP to H.323 and SIP to MGCP. Our hope is that these modules will act as building blocks to help you create better, faster and stronger VoIP systems.

Tutorial: VoIPv6 on Linux with VOVIDA

Native IPv6

Our FAQ contains a list of ISPs who provide native IPv6 connectivity, thus no tunnels, but straight on your ADSL or Cable link.

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