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Source address selection for outgoing packets
[de] Martin F. Krafft on Saturday, 30 August 2008 00:00:45
I have two IPv6s on an iface: 2001:41e0:ff3a::1/128 and 2001:41e0:ff00:82::2/64 (the former being a subet, the latter a tunnel subnet). Since the /128 is added last (and more specific), it gets used for outgoing packets, except for when I access hosts that have a longer common prefix, such as 2001:41e0:ff3d::1, which has a longer common prefix with 2001:41e0:ff3a::1 than 2001:41e0:ff00:82::2. This is according to RFC 3484 and documented nicely here: Obviously, I don't want to use my tunnel subnet IP, but instead the one from the /48 subnet I was assigned. I am thus trying to force the use of 2001:41e0:ff3a::1 for all outgoing packets, so I ran ip -6 r a default via 2001:41e0:ff00:82::1 dev sixxs src 2001:41e0:ff3a::1 but the src argument seems to get ignored and doesn't show up in a subsequent `ip route list`. Do I really have to use `ip rule`s? (`ip addrlabel` is not available on this box yes)? How would such a rule look like? I understand `ip rule`s to shove packets into specific routing tables, where something like a default route would then route them on, and thus I doubt that the `src` argument would work here. FWIW, this is not the issue discussed at, which is when you have two default routes and need to route response packets out the one where the request came from.
Source address selection for outgoing packets
[de] Florian Effenberger on Wednesday, 17 March 2010 12:55:01
Hi Martin, I'm seeing a similar issue here. Did you find a solution already? Thanks, Florian
Source address selection for outgoing packets
[de] Florian Effenberger on Wednesday, 17 March 2010 13:50:41
Seems that Forum:setup:1202290 works for me.
Source address selection for outgoing packets
[nl] Pieter van Leuven on Friday, 06 August 2010 20:36:05
With the command ip -6 addr change 2001:41e0:ff00:82::2/64 dev sixxs preferred_lft 0 the tunnel address becomes deprecated and other addresses will be prefered. This option generated some problems with kernel version 2.6.33 and older. Regards, Pieter

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