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Aiccu Mac OS 10.6.1 setup
[us] Shadow Hawkins on Tuesday, 27 October 2009 08:40:37
I might be a complete idiot, but I've gotten nowhere in my attempts to install aiccu on my Mac. I've looked through all the guides to no avail. I know this has probably been asked 1,000 times, but is there an easy to follow step-by-step guide out there? Please help.
Aiccu Mac OS 10.6.1 setup
[be] Shadow Hawkins on Monday, 14 December 2009 22:09:07
Hi, I have been googling allot to fix the same problem this is what you do: maybe someone of the sixxs staff can put this in wiki? Download and install pretty easy, is a package i found a special build (sixxs staff should add this patch to there repo!(ps. 2nd part of patch is wrong/outdated, so DO NOT DO THAT)) the patch: the site i found it: you also can download a build of the patched version from this site.. If you want to be safe for backdores, you want to build it yourself, this is how: Get XCode free from the macsite: for the not programmers under us: download the aiccu tar.gz from this site: the source: just unpack it by double clicking on the file go to the folder: aiccu go to the folder common open the file: aiccu_darwin.c go to line 32 under: /* Bring the interface up */ remove: aiccu_exec( "ifconfig %s up", g_aiccu->ipv6_interface); Add:char tun[256] = "/dev/"; open(strcat(tun, g_aiccu->ipv6_interface), O_RDONLY); save and close the file. open a terminal (applications/some directory i don't know the name in english/ or (via spotlight) go to the map (DONT TYPE THE #): # cd Downloads/aiccu then compile it: # make you will get some warnings, they can be ignored.. now in the map unix-console there will be the aiccu binary. copy this binary to a place you need it like /usr/sbin/ then you can run the aiccu from everywhere you want ------ Config: MAKE SHURE YOU CHANGE IPV6_INTERFACE TO tun0 ; that's tun zero!!! edit the outher info from the example config found on the site. you can start from terminal # sudo aiccu start aiccu.conf from the directory where the config is, probably your homedir (that's the dir where your terminal opens in) your tunnel is working ^^ been 2 hours for me to find out.. in our language there is an saying: (de aanhouder wint!) dno if there is a decent translation ;) i hope this works for you.. it did for me ;) PS: you will need to restart you aiccu everytime you reboot your mac. if you just go to sleep, there is no problem, it will reconnect on wake-up.

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