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Status; thanks
[us] Shadow Hawkins on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 08:06:03
First, thanks for providing the service. Despite many calls and escalations (dating back to 2008), Verizon's FiOs service (U.S., one of the few Fiber to the Home services), has not deployed IPv6. There have been many promises/trial balloons (reports of field trials, promises of deployment dates etc) from various levels of management, but no results. Calling doesn't help; sales doesn't want to hear about anything not in the book - the old "We're the telephone company, we don't have to care" line comes to mind. The tech support people come in two camps: Those who haven't a clue what IPv6 is, and those who do, commiserate, but can't help. The latter tell wildly different stories - from "coming soon", to "you don't need it", to "we haven't had an update since 2010", to "it's on the backbone, but not to the field", to "it's in the field, but can't be turned on due to provisioning issues". And that's just a subset. Mangers listen sympathetically, promise to investigate and call back - but never do. I used to have direct lines to the product mangers, but they've retired/moved on. Current employees can't provide the new names. And calls to the Executive offices get no results either. I couldn't find a place to login to your wiki; this status belongs there. Verizon is a huge provider - and in the US, often the only one serving a city. Or in the rare case where there is some competition, the only one with symmetric speeds. They've also stopped their fiber roll-out in favor of wireless investment; places that have their DSL service are in worse shape. DSL speeds AND no IPv6. (Verizon took over the GTE ISP business years ago.) How long will it be before the address blocks are reissued? Tracking down all the firewalls that need to block the old addresses (especially on systems that boot infrequently/are mobile) will take longer than expected... Thanks again for your dedication and years of service.

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