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Where are the IPv6 Wifi repeaters/extenders?
[ca] Shadow Hawkins on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 10:16:52
So I head down to FNAC, in France and get a Wifi extender, set it up and no IPv6? Checks the calendar: April 2017; check my provider:; contacts TP-Link: yeah, no IPv6 support; looks at the FNAC online catalogue: IPv6 search results 0; I quietly scream in despair!? TP-Link shared me their FAQ page, which lists zero IPv6 wifi repeaters or access points: . They also can't give me a date of when an IPv6 capable IPv6 wifi repeater would be available. Can anyone tell me of any IPv6 capable wifi repeaters targeted at the home market? Worst case are there any good projects for making a Raspberry Pi or equivalent device into a wifi extender?
Where are the IPv6 Wifi repeaters/extenders?
[ch] Jeroen Massar SixXS Staff on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 10:24:45
Wi-Fi does not care (too much) about IPv6, as it is just Ethernet on that layer. The only problem for any carrier of IPv6, be that normal wired Ethernet or not-wired Ethernet (aka Wi-Fi) is primarily Multicast. This due to Neighbour Discovery. Nothing special is needed for any Wi-Fi device though. But like switches that do L2 MLD snooping, that kind of construct can also conflict with IPv6. The device that handles the actual routing needs to support IPv6 explicitly though. That said, Wifi "repeaters" and "extenders" are typically a really bad idea: they at minimum cut the throughput in half, as it receives and then re-sends in the same frequency band. A Raspberry Pi, or any other such solution, would have the same problems, just deploy one with two WiFi-sticks, let one play AP and the other a client to the network you are trying to extend. As per above: you lose a lot of bandwidth that way.... Better to just pull an Ethernet cable to a second Access Point and let it properly distribute the Wi-Fi signal there. Or if you can't pull a wire, get a proper access point, for budget minded, the Ubiquiti AP AC Pro comes to mind, which is a very normal Layer 2 Wi-Fi Access Point and thus does no routing of any kind, that is for a router to do....

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