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[au] Shadow Hawkins on Wednesday, 29 March 2017 05:02:55
Hi, Thanks for providing this service for so long. Unfortunately, since my ISP - like most in Australia - is showing no interest in providing IPv6 service, I'm probably going to need to find another tunnel provider. Most of the others out there use gogoSERVER, and I've found the gogoc client to be pretty unreliable, whereas AICCU has been great. Is there any chance SixXS could release its sixxsd and/or other server side software for the benefit of other tunnel providers?
sixxsd and sunset
[ch] Jeroen Massar SixXS Staff on Thursday, 30 March 2017 07:40:07
Is there any chance SixXS could release its sixxsd and/or other server side software for the benefit of other tunnel providers?
There is a section of the FAQ covering this: But please realize that in general Tunnel Brokers are a IPv6 transition mechanism. As such, they should not exist, as your ISP should be providing you with proper IPv6. They have had 20 years. Many ISPs started out in that timeframe, thus they should have been aware of this IPv6 thing and be able to upgrade their hardware over that timeframe to support it. Though, it seems the biggest argument why people typically want a tunnel is because their ISP does not give them a static address, or no static prefix/subnet, let alone reverse DNS. As Tunnel Brokers do typically offer that for free (for the user at least) it thus saves money for the enduser instead of paying a proper ISP for the service they want. What a lot of folks seem to have missed in the 1 April announcement last year though is this bit:
Most PoPs have a 100mbit or 1GE interface, a few a nice 10GE interface one. When SixXS started a full 100mbit was a lot of capacity. Now, you likely have 200 mbit or even 1GE interfaces at home. As the PoPs are shared infrastructures with 1000s of users on them, and next to that the network between your host and the PoP and then the PoP and your destination are involved there will be natural ratelimiting as there just won't fit more through the pipe.
Scaling Tunnel Brokers is impossible. Especially when people are "But I have 500 mbits from my ISP, the tunnel is slow!!!!"... That kind of scale can only be done natively. Hence: Call Your ISP. And Switch Your ISP when you are paying for a service that does not satisfy the requirements you have. And Call Your Government when you have issues with finding an alternative ISP. Most countries have laws against monopolies and if you cannot find another ISP, then it is a defacto monopoly that is stiffling your innovation and ability to have the freedom you want to have. An alternative version is to setup a new ISP for your region of course ;)

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