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Multi-site private network?
[ca] Shadow Hawkins on Tuesday, 25 August 2015 14:49:48
I am looking at setting up the technology labs of a company I work for with IPv6. Currently each lab runs indepedently and has its own IPv4 connection to the internet. Going forward we are looking to connect each lab together with an IPv6 tunnel and also allow each lab to reach out to the internet as the always have, but including IPv6. In this scenario would we: - share a subnet between ourselves, which would be used for both tunnel and internet connectivity - share a subnet for the tunnelled environment, and have a local subnet for internet connectivity - do something else? How does this layout compare to a meshed network?
Multi-site private network?
[gb] Shadow Hawkins on Saturday, 05 September 2015 23:11:06
Hi Andre-John, My employer and I are in a similar position, we have multiple offices wih IPv4 connections to the internet but we want to communicate together. IPv4 IPSec VPNs only fixed the problem to a certain extent, but with a number of customers IPv4 subnet clashes are inevitable. However running IPv6 IPsec VPNs satisfied all our requirements. There are slight differences between IPv4 VPNs and IPv6 VPNs but not a huge amount. You can specify the other offices IPv6 range and your IPv6 range and enforce encryption between the two. If you felt so inclined you could always route your IPv6 traffic out of the other office too using a global tunnel. Sean
Multi-site private network?
[ca] Shadow Hawkins on Monday, 07 September 2015 15:23:10
Hi Sean, In your implementation, are you sharing the same tunnel subnet prefix for connecting to the internet, as for the tunnel? For example, using a subnetting of the assigned subnet prefix for the tunnel and then others for each location?

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