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reverse DNS of tunnel-end-point IPs?
[at] Carmen Sandiego on Sunday, 24 May 2015 14:35:20
Hello, I've been using the IPv6-Tunnel now for about a year; it works fine; thanks for IPv6-connectivity; I've got a virtual server at a webhoster, that has IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity (DualStack); when I connect to this server via SSH, it always showed me something like: Last login: Thu Dec 11 13:17:22 2014 from now I only see this: Last login: Sun May 24 14:10:27 2015 from 2001:15c0:65ff:7d4::2 (in case I used my virtual box running the AICCU service) is there a problem with reverse DNS of the IP addresses from the tunnel-end-points? (2001:15c0:65ff:7d4::1 and 2001:15c0:65ff:7d4::2)
reverse DNS of tunnel-end-point IPs?
[ru] Shadow Hawkins on Wednesday, 10 June 2015 18:25:07
Works for me: $ host 2001:15c0:65ff:7d4::1 domain name pointer $ host 2001:15c0:65ff:7d4::2 domain name pointer

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