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Changes to FreeBSD FAQ Entry
[gb] Carmen Sandiego on Wednesday, 19 October 2011 11:34:30
With the imminent release of FreeBSD 9.0 some things in the rc.conf have been deprecated and changed. Therefore the FAQ entry for this is going to be out of date for any future releases. It might be worth adding a note for this. This is the config that I use which shows the changes. ifconfig_vr0_ipv6="inet6 <IP_from_subnet> prefixlen 64" gif_interfaces="gif0" gifconfig_gif0="<local_ipv4_ip> <remote_pop_ipv4_ip>" ifconfig_gif0_ipv6="inet6 <local_ipv6_tunnel_ip> <remote_pop_ipv6_ip> prefixlen 128 deprecated" ipv6_defaultrouter="<remote_pop_ipv6_ip>" ipv6_gateway_enable="YES" rtadvd_enable="YES" rtadvd_interfaces="vr0" Note that ipv6_enable="YES" is no longer required and the ifconfig lines are different. This sets up a gif tunnel and deprecates that address meaning that source address selection picks the address on my vr0 interface to source outgoing traffic from. The deprecation is obviously only to be used if you use a subnet. Then there is some config to use the ::1 address in my prefix as the servers IP address on my LAN interface. And set the default router to the pop. Also I run the router advertisement daemon to advertise my prefix to the LAN. The config for this in /etc/rtadvd.conf is: vr0:addr="<subnet_prefix>::":prefixlen#64 This might help someone!
Changes to FreeBSD FAQ Entry
[gb] Carmen Sandiego on Thursday, 28 June 2012 16:53:47
Just wanted to add to this that changes have been made to rtadvd as well meaning that the line I use now is this: vr0:addr="<subnet_prefix>":prefixlen#64:rdnss="<dns_server_ipv6_addr>":dnssl="<dns_server_search_domain>" There are also another two flags which could be useful. raflags="mo" and pinfoflags="la". These flags should be used in an appropriate combination. They mean: m: Get IP address information via DHCPv6 in addition to the stateless router advertisement. o: Get other information via DHCPv6 such as DNS server IP and search domain in case the client doesn't support getting those via stateless RA. l: Prefix that is being advertised is "on-link" meaning you can use this router for it. a: Do NOT configure any IPv6 addresses automatically. If you unset this flag then client will only use addresses given to it via DHCPv6. This can be used to suppress addresses set via the MAC address or privacy extensions. Useful for setting static IP's. Personally right now I use raflags="o":pinfoflags="la" meaning configure IP's via stateless configuration, DNS information from the RA if client supports it, DHCPv6 if it doesn't. This is because one of my clients does not support DHCPv6. If it did then I would use raflags="mo":pinfoflags="l" to force them to get IP's via DHCPv6. raflags="mo":pinfoflags="la" would mean use either method.
Changes to FreeBSD FAQ Entry
[gb] Carmen Sandiego on Thursday, 28 June 2012 17:00:19
Oops. I meant on the "a" entry, that if it's unset then "Do NOT". Logic the wrong way around. If it's set then it will, if it's unset then it won't.
Changes to FreeBSD FAQ Entry
[fi] Shadow Hawkins on Thursday, 16 August 2012 02:56:17
I added some of the mentioned changes in the wiki article Thereis one potential snag you may run into and that is when you don't have ipv6_activate_all_interaces="YES" in /etc/rc.conf and you use AICCU to set up the connection. With AICCU there is no need to have ifconfig_gif0_ipv6 or gifconfig_gif0 -lines in /etc/rc.conf and that in turn configures gif0 as IFDISABLED for IPv6 and makes the IPv6 connectivity to fail even if the tunnel shows as up. The fix is either to use ipv6_activate_all_interaces="YES" or ifconfig_gif0_ipv6="auto_linklocal". -Kimmo

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