SixXS::Sunset 2017-06-06

Finally got native!
[nl] Shadow Hawkins on Monday, 09 May 2016 11:44:35
I'd like to thank the SixXS team and the ISP's that offer this great service for their efforts over the past few years. I had some issues in the beginning (with my ISP blocking the tunnel and all) but now, finally, after years of promising, our ISP has finally implemented a native IPv6 connection into our home. Unfortunately, even after closing my home tunnel, I still have another tunnel remaining for experiments at university. They won't turn on the IPv6 services on their network for a while, despite surfnet offering them a full native connection, as well as having their website run natively. I'll keep on whining for a native IPv6 service for now, and hopefully they'll roll it out before I graduate. I've also used the experimental tunnel for showing the teachers that all of the network assignments can be done using IPv6. The only things that I had to fall back to IPv4 for were the NAT practicum, as well as showing a wireshark dump of an IPv4 packet, though in the latter case, I also did an IPv6 packet and gave explanations for each and every field there. So, thank you for enabling me to get some bonus points there, as well as just offering simple and usable service.

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