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Multicast radio over IPv6
[nz] Shadow Hawkins on Monday, 26 September 2011 05:12:02
I want to do some multicast tests through the ecmh cloud, but I only have one server with one tunnel that is multicast enabled. Is anyone else keen to test this with me? I was thinking I'd do some ssmping and dbeacon stuff first to test connectivity, and if that goes well, then proxy some radio streams over IPv6 multicast. Who wants to be involved with this?
Multicast radio over IPv6
[de] Shadow Hawkins on Tuesday, 27 September 2011 22:52:23
Hi, I'd be interested in some multicast tests too, however I'm not sure my multicast setup is working correctly... My ISP/PoP M-net has direct m6bone connectivity and I've set up mrd6 on my router (running freetz), which successfully receives PIM Hellos and some MLD messages. However I have not received any multicast streams yet. When I run dbeacon from my machine behind the router I do show up at other beacons like, but my own dbeacon receives no updates and thinks it's alone. When looking at tcpdump output, I can see all my outgoing multicast traffic is wrapped in PIM Register messages to the global m6bone rendezvous point 2001:660:3007:300:1:: . There is never any reply. I hope the m6bone rp is still active as the m6bone website has not been updated in a very long time and the big link to their dbeacon matrix is not working anymore.
Multicast radio over IPv6
[nz] Shadow Hawkins on Thursday, 29 September 2011 05:45:26
The SixXS FAQ says that m6bone is read-only, so I'm not sure if that means we can get to RP's or use beacons :/ I've started a dbeacon on ff7e:240:2001:6a0:200:2b8:1234:5678/10000 which should hopefully work - it uses embedded-RP with my host as the RP, which is a bit of a dirty hack that lets ASM work without an RP. I've also started ssmpingd on 2001:6a0:200:2b8::2, you could try ssmpinging that to see if that works for you. Would you mind emailing me so we can organise a few more tests? My email is in the whois for SRR2-SIXXS
Multicast radio over IPv6
[nz] Shadow Hawkins on Thursday, 29 September 2011 23:09:12
I see some ssmping requests in my logs from your address, were you getting replies back? Have you had any luck joining the dbeacon?
Multicast radio over IPv6
[de] Shadow Hawkins on Sunday, 02 October 2011 19:24:43
I have only been able to receive unicast pings from your ssmping server. Joining your dbeacon did not work either, however I suspect the problem is on my side, as I could not receive a multicast packet from any destination yet. I have a question regarding your embedded RP group address: isn't that a "feature" of PIM? Your PoP seems to be connected to the ecmh cloud only, which (according to the multicast faq) does not support PIM. I guess we will need to use MLD with ecmh, which does not use a RP at all. However, once my setup works, you could try to receive a mutlicast stream I send to m6bone, as ecmh PoPs should be able to receive them. I also contacted my ISP/PoP for any information regarding my problems, let's see what they think. Can you receive multicast streams on your side, for example: udp://@[ff1e::8888]:8888 (though I have no idea if that stream is still active)?
Multicast radio over IPv6
[nz] Shadow Hawkins on Sunday, 02 October 2011 22:18:46
I hadn't realised that the ECMH cloud was just MLD driven, I'll try some tests with some normal groups. I think the main problem at my end is that my traffic is all going out my main NIC instead of the SIXXS tunnel, and I've had no luck finding any way to make debian send traffic out the SIXXS tunnel instead. Have you had any luck with the ssmping servers?

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