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[de] Shadow Hawkins on Saturday, 13 February 2010 17:20:50
Hi Everyone, a few weeks ago I started experimenting with Bittorrent over IPv6 again. I set up an IPv6-only tracker using Opentracker on my system and we started distributing the 26C3 conference recordings with it. Everything seems to work fine, so I think we should widen the use of this concept. It essentially creates a dual-stacked torrent that lists both an IPv4-only and an IPv6-only tracker. This solves pretty much all of the issues a dual-stack tracker introduces. A detailed description how it works and how to use it can be found on my website. In the meantime we've managed to get this setup (multitracker with a dedicated IPv6-only tracker) into Ubuntu and both Knoppix and the 26C3 conference recording torrents list my tracker as well. I've received positive feedbacks from OpenOffice and just sent a mail to the Fedora project. If you are in contact with an open-source project that uses Bittorrent to distribute their files please consider asking them about providing an additional IPv6-only bittorrent tracker in their distribution. The one I run can be freely used for legal content. If it gets abused by illegal content I will consider to lock it down to a whitelist, so please just drop me a note when you use it and I'll keep it in mind. Bernhard

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