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ioquake 1.36 released with IPv6 support
[de] Bernhard Schmidt on Thursday, 30 April 2009 18:21:51
Hi, I almost missed it, exactly one year and two days after the ioquake3 development version gained IPv6 support version 1.36 was finally released, which supports IPv6 out of the box. It works dualstacked just fine by adding the parameter "+set net_enabled 7" to the command line. I didn't have much luck finding a public IPv6 server in the serverlist, but maybe noone is running one (or they don't mark them accordingly, or the master server isn't really IPv6-capable yet). I did test with our internal server^WCPMA benchmark infrastructure and it worked very well, replace the binaries and you have an IPv6-enabled client/server. If noone else jumps in I might start a public server on IPv6-only in the next few days, but it has been almost a decade since I played with that stuff, so if someone else has experience doing so I'd really appreciate it. Bernhard
ioquake 1.36 released with IPv6 support
[ca] Andre-John Mas on Thursday, 28 May 2009 20:02:01
I have added a page to the wiki for IPv6 ready games:
ioquake 1.36 released with IPv6 support
[dk] Michael Ole Olsen on Tuesday, 04 May 2010 08:13:49
Late reply, but - I currently run two ipv6 quakeservers on my sixxs tunnels IPv6-ready Rocket Arena 3 1.76 IPv6-ready CPMA 1.46 the names can be used for connecting as the DNS is ipv6 too. feel free to join :)
ioquake 1.36 released with IPv6 support
[dk] Michael Ole Olsen on Tuesday, 04 May 2010 08:19:17
Also I tried mailing the author of the quake ipv6 stuff on 'cool stuff' page, but the email alias on the site doesn't work tried mailing sixxs too with the info to get it added without any answer back. email on this page doesn't work: neither does the Hexago link A shame, would like it added to there so we could get some people playing ipv6 quake3 and quake2 (server is on fast line, only 2ms to pop) (http) lists the running ipv6 quake servers i have running, if of any interest.

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