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Where can I get native IPv6 transit?

A transit provider is an ISP that can provide routes to destinations around the world. We classify these providers into four groups as listed in the following sections. One can easily determine the presences of these Transit providers by checking PeeringDB. ISPs that are only denoted with the International flag are present around in most countries around the world. Please try to adhere to MIPP where possible. One can also ask on ipv6-ops for connectivity.

In case one wants to contact one of these transits or wants to know more information, don't hesitate to contact SixXS so that we can directly direct you to the correct people to help you out with your requirements. Updates & addons can be directed to SixXS.

Also see: Where can I get native IPv6 / Which ISPs provide IPv6?.

[de] Germany (16) [nl] Netherlands, The (14) [gb] United Kingdom (Great Britain) (14) [int] International (13) [fr] France (12) [us] United States (11) [ch] Switzerland (8) [be] Belgium (5) [it] Italy (4) [es] Spain (4) [at] Austria (4) [pt] Portugal (3) [au] Australia (2) [cz] Czech Republic (2) [sk] Slovakia (2) [eu] Europe (2) [se] Sweden (1) [bg] Bulgaria (1) [lu] Luxembourg (1) [hu] Hungary (1) [ca] Canada (1) [hk] Hong Kong (1) [dk] Denmark (1) [nz] New Zealand (1) [fi] Finland (1)

Follow the link behind the flag to show only the providers present in that country.

Global Transit Providers

The following Transit providers are known to be able to provide native IPv6 Transit around the world¹.

1273 (PDB) Cable & Wireless .int - International
5511 (PDB) France Telecom / Open Transit .int - International
3549 (PDB) Global Crossing .int - International
3356 (PDB) Level 3 .int - International
2914 (PDB) NTT/Verio .int - International
15412 (PDB) Reliance Globalcom (Flag Telecom) .int - International
6453 (PDB) Tata Communications (VSNL International / Teleglobe) .int - International
6762 (PDB) Telecom Italia Sparkle .int - International
1299 (PDB) TeliaSonera International Carrier .int - International
3257 (PDB) Tinet .int - International

Tunneled Global Transit Providers

The following providers provide transit from locations spread globally around the world¹ but use tunnels to interconnect.

2686 (PDB), 7018 (PDB) AT&T .int - International
1239 (PDB) Sprint .int - International
701 (PDB), 702 (PDB), 703 (PDB) UUNET/MCI/Verizon .int - International

Inter-Continental Transit Providers

This group of Transit Providers provide a full BGP table but don't cover the globe completely.

Regional Transit Providers

This group of Transit Providers provide a full BGP table but don't have their own intercontinental links over which they transport the data, for that they are using services from most likely one of the above Global Transit Providers. They provide transit to other ISPs but are only present in their local regions.

719 (PDB), 6667 (PDB) Elisa Plc .fi - Finland

Effectively one could classify the Global and Regional Transit Providers into the old-style "Tier" system where the Global Transit Providers are "Tier 1" and the Regional Transit Providers are "Tier 2".

¹ = With "Around the world" we mean that at least a non-tunneled ISP owned transcontinental link exists between the various continents and that the ISP has presence to interconnect there. Providing transit to another organization in the same city/country does not count for that as another organization, most likely one of the above will then bring it to the other continent. The latter can be listed under regional transit providers.

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