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The database currently holds 61 IPv6 DFP allocations for this subselection.

The AS is the ASN as found in the All whois database, thus sites which are not entered completely yet show blanks.
The current/real origin can be found by following the link behind the last seen field.


The following colors are used in the table.

whiteEverything ok.
#ff6666Prefix wasn't seen for the last 24 hours.
#f9d5ae/32 is allocated but only a /35 is announced.
pink/32 is allocated and both the /32 and the /35 are announced.
purplePrefix was returned or reclaimed but is seen.
#f0f0f0Prefix was returned and isn't seen.
#e0e0e0Prefix was reclaimed and isn't seen.
#ffee99Less than 100% of the GRH participants saw this route.
#ffdd88Less than  80% of the GRH participants saw this route.
#ffdd33Less than  50% of the GRH participants saw this route.
#ffbb00Less than  30% of the GRH participants saw this route.
LGPrefixtldNetNameOwnerASSAllocatedFirst seenSeen byLast seen (*)
  2001:5::/32 [eu] Europe EID-LISP EID Space for LISP (Manag...   A 2016-11-15   0% never  
  2001:600::/32 [eu] Europe EU-UUNET-19990810 Verizon Nederland B.V. 702 A 1999-08-26 2014-03-24 00:36:07 0% 2014-08-27 10:04:42  
  2001:668::/32 [eu] Europe EU-NACNET-20000403 Tiscali International Net... 3257 R 2000-04-03   0% 2014-08-27 10:04:44  
  2001:67c:184::/48 [eu] Europe Coloplast-V6 Coloplast a/s 25111 A 2010-03-04   0% never  
  2001:67c:11dc::/48 [eu] Europe Rossmann-NET Dirk Rossmann GmbH 58234 A 2013-01-17 2014-03-28 14:37:14 0% 2014-08-27 10:05:33  
  2001:67c:12b8::/48 [eu] Europe trivagogmbh trivago GmbH 198018 A 2012-10-02   0% never  
  2001:67c:198c::/48 [eu] Europe ZERO-ANYCAST-v6 Ltd 49962 A 2014-01-14 2014-03-28 14:37:53 0% 2014-08-27 10:05:56  
  2001:67c:22ac::/48 [eu] Europe NISCAYAH-GROUP Niscayah Group AB   A 2011-05-24   0% never  
  2001:67c:22f4::/48 [eu] Europe NET-BODEMS-IP6-RIPE-... Felix Annen   A 2015-06-19   0% never  
  2001:67c:25f8::/48 [eu] Europe EU-IPv6-VIST-NET Visteon Corporation   A 2011-12-12   0% never  
  2001:67c:279c::/48 [eu] Europe BLIZZ-GAME Blizzard Entertainment, I...   A 2015-08-04   0% never  
  2001:67c:27a0::/45 [eu] Europe BLIZZ-GAME Blizzard Entertainment, I...   R 2012-03-23   0% never  
  2001:67c:2b00::/48 [eu] Europe LEO-EU-NET LEO Pharma A/S   A 2013-08-12   0% never  
  2001:67c:2de4::/48 [eu] Europe EU-VELDER-20150209 Patrick Velder   R 2015-02-09   0% never  
  2001:698::/32 [eu] Europe NL-KPN-BBT-20081219 KPN B.V.   A 2008-12-19   0% never  
  2001:6c0::/32 [eu] Europe FR-IPERCAST-20060314 Ipercast Network 25286 A 2006-03-14 2014-03-24 00:39:06 0% 2014-08-27 10:06:22  
  2001:740::/32 [eu] Europe EU-BT-20010717 British Telecommunication... 5400 A 2001-07-17 2014-03-24 00:39:12 0% 2014-08-27 10:06:23  
  2001:7f0::/32 [eu] Europe EU-LAMBDANET-2002060... euNetworks Managed Servic... 13237 R 2002-06-05 2014-03-24 00:39:17 0% 2014-08-27 10:06:24  
  2001:7f0::/29 [eu] Europe EU-LAMBDANET-2002060... euNetworks Managed Servic...   A 2002-06-05   0% never  
  2001:7f9::/32 [eu] Europe RIPE-EXPERIMENT Experimental Prefix, see ... 31701 R 2003-05-27 2003-07-16 22:44:04 0% 2008-08-11 14:17:40  
  2001:7fb::/32 [eu] Europe RIPE-NCC-RIS-2007060... Reseaux IP Europeens Netw...   A 2007-06-05   0% never  
  2001:7fc::/32 [eu] Europe SECANY-NET - Experimental... 43602 R 2007-08-22 2007-10-22 18:17:26 0% 2010-02-15 10:47:37  
  2001:9b8::/32 [eu] Europe EU-BICS-20051216 Belgacom International Ca... 6774 A 2005-12-16 2014-03-24 00:39:40 0% 2014-08-27 10:06:29  
  2001:1a00::/32 [eu] Europe UK-FLAG-20040128 Reliance Globalcom Limite... 15412 A 2004-01-28 2014-03-19 00:57:50 0% 2014-08-27 10:07:18  
  2001:2000::/20 [eu] Europe EU-TELIANET-20040510 TeliaSonera AB 1299 A 2004-05-10 2014-03-19 00:58:04 0% 2014-08-27 10:07:21  
  2001:4d40::/29 [eu] Europe DE-GLOBALVOICE-20050... euNetworks GmbH   A 2005-09-06   0% never  
  2001:4d40::/32 [eu] Europe DE-GLOBALVOICE-20050... euNetworks GmbH 13237 R 2005-09-06 2014-03-19 00:59:36 0% 2014-08-27 10:07:35  
  2001:5000::/21 [eu] Europe EU-EN-20040910 Cable & Wireless UK P.U.C... 1273 A 2004-09-20 2014-03-19 00:59:44 0% 2014-08-27 10:07:37  
  2a00:1310::/32 [eu] Europe EU-SONY-20090907 Sony Europe Limited   A 2009-09-07   0% never  
  2a00:1608::/32 [eu] Europe HU-VIACOM-20091106 Viacom Informatics Ltd. 51275 A 2009-11-06 2014-03-19 01:12:21 0% 2014-08-27 10:10:45  
  2a00:1810::/32 [eu] Europe LV-SPRINTER-20091208 Baltcom Fiber SIA 35254 A 2009-12-08 2014-03-19 01:12:33 0% 2014-08-27 10:10:48  
  2a00:9940::/32 [eu] Europe EU-VPNSECURE-2012021... VPNSECURE PTY LTD   A 2012-02-14   0% never  
  2a00:dd80::/32 [eu] Europe EU-HOST-VIRTUAL-INC-... Host Virtual, Inc 42210 A 2011-05-30 2014-05-27 16:25:30 0% 2014-08-27 10:11:36  
  2a01:300::/32 [eu] Europe EU-GBXS-20070321 Globalaxs Limited 9009 R 2007-03-21 2007-03-21 15:47:20 0% 2014-08-27 10:11:51  
  2a01:300::/29 [eu] Europe EU-GBXS-20070321 M247 Ltd 9009 A 2007-03-21 2014-03-19 01:59:27 0% 2014-08-27 10:11:51  
  2a01:3b0::/32 [eu] Europe DE-SERVAGE-20070613 Servage GmbH 29671 A 2007-06-13 2014-03-19 01:59:28 0% 2014-08-27 10:11:52  
  2a01:3e0::/32 [eu] Europe EU-TELEGLOBE-2007070... TATA Communications (Cana... 6453 A 2007-07-05 2014-03-19 01:59:29 0% 2014-08-27 10:11:52  
  2a01:62e0::/32 [eu] Europe US-JUSTINTV-20131206, Inc. 46489 A 2013-12-06   0% never  
  2a01:bc80::/32 [eu] Europe EU-VC2-20110706 Valve Corporation   A 2011-07-06   0% never  
  2a02:8::/32 [eu] Europe EU-ORIGIN-20080213 Atos Nederland B.V.   A 2008-02-13   0% never  
  2a02:948::/32 [eu] Europe EU-IBM-20090128 AT&T Global Network Servi...   A 2009-01-28   0% never  
  2a02:cb8::/29 [eu] Europe UK-HOSTWAY-20090407 Hostway Ltd 15216 A 2009-04-07 2014-05-28 20:56:48 0% 2014-08-27 10:12:41  
  2a02:cb8::/32 [eu] Europe UK-HOSTWAY-20090407 Hostway Ltd 15216 R 2009-04-07 2014-03-19 02:43:33 0% 2014-07-06 16:30:02  
  2a02:22f8::/29 [eu] Europe EU-BEE-20100824 BeeVPN ApS 51432 A 2010-08-24 2014-04-28 22:46:27 0% 2014-08-27 10:12:52  
  2a02:22f8::/32 [eu] Europe EU-BEE-20100824 BeeVPN ApS 51432 R 2010-08-24 2014-03-19 02:49:05 0% 2014-04-28 17:46:59  
  2a02:2370::/32 [eu] Europe EU-PROLEXIC-20100903 Prolexic Technologies Inc 32787 A 2010-09-03   0% never  
  2a02:26f0::/32 [eu] Europe EU-AKAMAI-20101022 Akamai International B.V. 34164 A 2010-10-22 2014-05-18 18:19:21 0% 2014-08-27 10:12:56  
  2a02:47c0::/32 [eu] Europe EU-DIDATA-20120918 Dimension Data Management...   A 2012-09-18   0% never  
  2a02:7cc0::/32 [eu] Europe EU-COMSPET-20121001 Comspet Worlds Ltd.   A 2012-10-01   0% never  
  2a03:14e0::/32 [eu] Europe UK-6DG-20140722 SIX DEGREES TECHNOLOGY GR... 6908 A 2014-07-22 2014-07-23 09:52:07 0% 2014-08-27 10:13:19  
  2a03:5f40::/32 [eu] Europe EU-BAIDU-20121115 Baidu (Hong Kong) Limited   A 2012-11-15   0% never  
  2a04:2c40::/29 [eu] Europe EU-FOTOVISTA-2013041... Pixmania SAS 42881 A 2013-04-18 2014-03-28 13:48:58 0% 2014-08-27 10:13:40  
  2a04:37c0::/29 [eu] Europe EU-SERVICE-NOW-20130...   A 2013-05-22   0% never  
  2a04:4e40::/29 [eu] Europe US-FASTLY-20130718 Fastly, Inc.   A 2013-07-18   0% never  
  2a04:5840::/29 [eu] Europe US-KONTIKI-20130808 Kontiki, Inc   A 2013-08-08   0% never  
  2a04:6660::/30 [eu] Europe EU-CITRIXONLINE-2013... Citrix Online LLC   A 2013-09-23   0% never  
  2a04:8ec0::/29 [eu] Europe SG-NETWAYZ-20131204 NETWAYZ PTE. LTD   A 2013-12-04   0% never  
  2a04:9140::/29 [eu] Europe FR-ADP-20131209 ADPGSI FRANCE   A 2013-12-09   0% never  
  2a04:9200::/29 [eu] Europe US-TRADINGSCREEN-201... TradingScreen Inc.   A 2013-12-09   0% never  
  3ffe:4011::/32 [eu] Europe EURO6IX/EU 5609 C 2002-09-03   0% 2006-01-10 13:17:20  
  3ffe:8030::/28 [eu] Europe GTPV6/EU 8933 C 1999-06-04   0% 2004-01-14 11:40:43  

The database currently holds 61 IPv6 DFP's.
Of which 2 (3.28%) are reclaimed, 10 (16.39%) are returned to the pool and 49 (80.33%) IPv6 DFP's didn't have a routing entry.
Thus 0 (0.00%) networks are currently correctly announced.
0 (0.00%) only announced a /35 while they have been allocated a /32.
0 (0.00%) announce both their /32 and their /35.

IPv6 DFP's per country

Total number of countries: 188

1[us] United StatesUnited States619612330.00%
2[br] BrazilBrazil30311020.00%
3[de] GermanyGermany16351770.00%
4[gb] United Kingdom (Great Britain)United Kingdom (Great Britain)14811200.00%
5[cn] ChinaChina1261110.00%
6[ru] RussiaRussia1247790.00%
7[au] AustraliaAustralia11821150.00%
8[nl] Netherlands, TheNetherlands, The1056910.00%
9[fr] FranceFrance820710.00%
10[ca] CanadaCanada6691230.00%
11[se] SwedenSweden635430.00%
12[in] IndiaIndia606270.00%
13[it] ItalyItaly594370.00%
14[ch] SwitzerlandSwitzerland584730.00%
15[id] IndonesiaIndonesia56790.00%
16[pl] PolandPoland552340.00%
17[ar] ArgentinaArgentina522140.00%
18[es] SpainSpain518490.00%
19[jp] JapanJapan493630.00%
20[cz] Czech RepublicCzech Republic433390.00%
21[hk] Hong KongHong Kong420510.00%
22[at] AustriaAustria373260.00%
23[no] NorwayNorway365420.00%
24[sg] SingaporeSingapore311140.00%
25[nz] New ZealandNew Zealand301250.00%
26[ua] UkraineUkraine29890.00%
27[dk] DenmarkDenmark284220.00%
28[tr] TurkeyTurkey259120.00%
29[bd] BangladeshBangladesh244120.00%
30[ir] IranIran234220.00%
31[be] BelgiumBelgium220210.00%
32[fi] FinlandFinland209220.00%
33[za] South AfricaSouth Africa203180.00%
34[ro] RomaniaRomania201250.00%
35[my] MalaysiaMalaysia180150.00%
36[co] ColombiaColombia154140.00%
37[ie] IrelandIreland142120.00%
38[cl] ChileChile13960.00%
39[th] ThailandThailand138120.00%
40[mx] MexicoMexico137100.00%
41[si] SloveniaSlovenia134200.00%
42[kr] KoreaKorea125140.00%
43[bg] BulgariaBulgaria11870.00%
44[hu] HungaryHungary11290.00%
45[ph] PhilippinesPhilippines101120.00%
46[sk] SlovakiaSlovakia9480.00%
47[tw] TaiwanTaiwan9370.00%
48[vn] VietnamVietnam8320.00%
49[cr] Costa RicaCosta Rica8230.00%
50[pk] PakistanPakistan8160.00%
51[sa] Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia7680.00%
52[lu] LuxembourgLuxembourg7160.00%
53[rs] SerbiaSerbia7160.00%
54[pt] PortugalPortugal69120.00%
55[pa] PanamaPanama6560.00%
56[il] IsraelIsrael6420.00%
57[lb] LebanonLebanon6440.00%
58[gr] GreeceGreece63100.00%
59[ec] EquadorEquador6240.00%
60[ve] VenezuelaVenezuela6220.00%
61[lv] LatviaLatvia6150.00%
62[eu] EuropeEurope61100.00%
63[ee] EstoniaEstonia5820.00%
64[is] IcelandIceland5850.00%
65[iq] IraqIraq5530.00%
66[lt] LithuaniaLithuania5440.00%
67[hn] HondurasHonduras540.00%
68[ae] United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates5240.00%
69[pe] PeruPeru5130.00%
70[ke] KeniaKenia5050.00%
71[ng] NigeriaNigeria5020.00%
72[np] NepalNepal4440.00%
73[hr] CroatiaCroatia4430.00%
74[cy] CyprusCyprus4040.00%
75[kz] KazakhstanKazakhstan4030.00%
76[ba] Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina3990.00%
77[kh] CambodiaCambodia3820.00%
78[tz] TanzaniaTanzania370.00%
79[py] ParaguayParaguay360.00%
80[az] AzerbijanAzerbijan3620.00%
81[do] Dominican RepublicDominican Republic3520.00%
82[md] MoldovaMoldova3570.00%
83[al] AlbaniaAlbania3440.00%
84[ge] GeorgiaGeorgia3010.00%
85[mm] MyanmarMyanmar300.00%
86[jo] JordanJordan2930.00%
87[ps] PalestinePalestine2920.00%
88[gh] GhanaGhana2910.00%
89[bo] BoliviaBolivia290.00%
90[by] BelarusBelarus2820.00%
91[uy] UruguayUruguay2810.00%
92[mu] MauritiusMauritius2870.00%
93[kw] KuwaitKuwait2750.00%
94[am] ArmeniaArmenia2720.00%
95[gt] GuatemalaGuatemala260.00%
96[mk] Macedonia, Republic ofMacedonia, Republic of2540.00%
97[pr] Puerto RicoPuerto Rico2450.00%
98[sv] El SalvadorEl Salvador240.00%
99[ao] AngolaAngola230.00%
100[bz] BelizeBelize2310.00%
101[mt] MaltaMalta2220.00%
102[mn] MongoliaMongolia2150.00%
103[ug] UgandaUganda2020.00%
104[lk] Sri LankaSri Lanka2010.00%
105[li] Fuerstentum LiechtensteinFuerstentum Liechtenstein1920.00%
106[ni] NicaraguaNicaragua1810.00%
107[cw] CuracaoCuracao1720.00%
108[af] AfghanistanAfghanistan1730.00%
109[bh] BahrainBahrain160.00%
110[me] MontenegroMontenegro1430.00%
111[pg] Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea1430.00%
112[zw] ZimbabweZimbabwe1310.00%
113[fj] FijiFiji1330.00%
114[kg] KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan130.00%
115[sy] SyriaSyria130.00%
116[eg] EgyptEgypt1320.00%
117[tt] Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago1210.00%
118[uz] UzbekistanUzbekistan120.00%
119[la] LaosLaos1210.00%
120[zm] ZambiaZambia120.00%
121[bw] BotswanaBotswana110.00%
122[ci] Cote d'IvoireCote d'Ivoire110.00%
123[mw] MalawiMalawi1120.00%
124[mz] MozambiqueMozambique110.00%
125[ht] HaitiHaiti100.00%
126[cm] CameroonCameroon100.00%
127[bj] BeninBenin100.00%
128[sc] SeychellesSeychelles100.00%
129[tn] TunisiaTunisia1010.00%
130[ma] MoroccoMorocco90.00%
131[mv] MaldivesMaldives90.00%
132[bn] BruneiBrunei90.00%
133[qa] QatarQatar910.00%
134[bm] BermudaBermuda810.00%
135[rw] RwandaRwanda820.00%
136[nc] New CaledoniaNew Caledonia80.00%
137[ws] SamoaSamoa830.00%
138[bf] Burkina FasoBurkina Faso70.00%
139[gi] GibraltarGibraltar70.00%
140[gy] GuyanaGuyana70.00%
141[jm] JamaicaJamaica710.00%
142[bt] BhutanBhutan70.00%
143[om] OmanOman60.00%
144[sd] SudanSudan60.00%
145[mg] MadagascarMadagascar60.00%
146[cg] Republic of the CongoRepublic of the Congo60.00%
147[dz] AlgeriaAlgeria60.00%
148[na] NamibiaNamibia60.00%
149[ap] Asian PacificAsian Pacific630.00%
150[cd] Democratic Republic of the CongoDemocratic Republic of the Congo60.00%
151[vi] United States Virgin IslandsUnited States Virgin Islands610.00%
152[cu] CubaCuba60.00%
153[gu] GuamGuam60.00%
154[vu] VanuatuVanuatu610.00%
155[pf] French PolynesiaFrench Polynesia50.00%
156[gd] GrenadaGrenada50.00%
157[mo] MacauMacau50.00%
158[ye] YemenYemen510.00%
159[ad] AndorraAndorra410.00%
160[gm] GambiaGambia40.00%
161[bs] BahamasBahamas40.00%
162[bb] BarbadosBarbados410.00%
163[va] Vatican CityVatican City40.00%
164[ga] GabonGabon40.00%
165[gp] GuadeloupeGuadeloupe30.00%
166[dj] Republic of DjiboutiRepublic of Djibouti30.00%
167[ly] LibyaLibya30.00%
168[sz] SwazilandSwaziland30.00%
169[sr] SurinameSuriname30.00%
170[ml] MaliMali20.00%
171[sb] Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands20.00%
172[to] TongaTonga20.00%
173[sl] Sierra LeoneSierra Leone20.00%
174[gf] French GuianaFrench Guiana20.00%
175[gl] GreenlandGreenland20.00%
176[aw] ArubaAruba20.00%
177[fo] Faroe IslandsFaroe Islands20.00%
178[ck] Cook IslandsCook Islands10.00%
179[mc] MonacoMonaco110.00%
180[kn] Saint Kitts and NevisSaint Kitts and Nevis10.00%
181[mr] MauritaniaMauritania10.00%
182[fk] Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands110.00%
183[sn] SenegalSenegal10.00%
184[mq] MartiniqueMartinique10.00%
185[pw] PalauPalau10.00%
186[tg] TogoTogo10.00%
187[fm] Federated States of MicronesiaFederated States of Micronesia10.00%
188[et] EthiopiaEthiopia10.00%

V: Visible: Number of Visible Prefixes for this country.
A: Allocated: Number of Allocated Prefixes for this country (excludes returned prefixes).
VP: Visible Percentage: Percentage of visible prefixes against global number of allocated prefixes.

(*) = "Never" in the above "Last seen" columns means: "didn't get a route for this prefix in any of the routing tables since the 1st of December 2002 when this measurement tool was started".IX routes and other /48's were added on 2006-05-05 and thus were not tracked before that date.

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