SixXS::Sunset 2017-06-06

Anomalies Mailinglist


As IPv6 Routing Stability has improved over the years we have concluded the GRH project.

The GRH pages remain for a historical perspective.

The ULA Registry remains active.

Every night at 02:00 CET the GRH Looking Glass generates a Bogon Summary of the peering router and mails that to which is a publicly subscribable, please send an email to to add/remove yourself. There is a choice between a full and a delta list, the latter only contains only the differences with the previous report with a full version every sunday.

The mailinglist supplies List-* headers per RFC 2919, allowing one to easily filter and sort the messages from the list in a separate mailbox if wanted. Filtering based on the To: headers is also possible as GRH is the only sender to this list. The To: and List-Id header for the anomalies list is:

To: GRH Anomalies List <>
List-Id: The Ghost Route Hunter Anomalies List <>
The To: and List-Id header for the anomalydelta list is:
To: GRH Anomaly Delta List <>
List-Id: The Ghost Route Hunter Anomalies List (Deltas Only) <>

The headers of the messages also contain the other standardized List-* headers for easy subscribe/unsubscribe and other options.

In case of problems, send a note to or check the Contact page for other ways of contacting SixXS.

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