SixXS::Sunset 2017-06-06

How it works ("old-style")


As IPv6 Routing Stability has improved over the years we have concluded the GRH project.

The GRH pages remain for a historical perspective.

The ULA Registry remains active.

GRH (Ghost Route Hunter) is a centralized mechanism for collecting routes and detecting the anomalies therein. We keep a history of these Ghost Routes providing a means of visualizing the problem. The ultimate target is to have no ghosts at all. As we have availability over several BGP tables we also collect prefix statistics and provide a distributed looking glass into these tables.

The Ghost Route Hunting process has the following four steps:

  • Collect routing tables (show ipv6 bgp) from different ISPs who participate in the routing process.
    • Pull: Fetch of remote URL's (HTTP and FTP)
    • Pull: Direct router dumps
    • Pull: Route server access
  • Process the collected routing tables.
    Supported routers currently include:
    • Cisco
    • Zebra
    • Juniper
    Other routers on request.
  • Record collected data into the database:
  • Database Interfaces for viewing the results: Other interfaces on request.

A snapshot of all the collected tables are kept per day in the archives. All the ghosts are kept per 10 minutes.

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