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This is a list of VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting providers that offer native IPv6 on their VSPes. This list does not include hosting companies that use 6to4 or similar non-native IPv6 technologies.

If you are a VPS hosting provider offering native IPv6 support to your customers, then be sure to add yourself here.

Please keep the list in alphabetical order.

Provider Virtualization technology IPv6 prefix Country Comments
Blue Room Hosting KVM 2001:9d8:203c::/48 (?) United Kingdom closed down
Bytemark KVM (?) United Kingdom
cloud.dk KVM 2001:1448:283::/48 Denmark Hosted at Netgroup and part of their /32
DirectVPS Xen 2a02:2308::/32 Netherlands
Gandi.net Xen 2001:4b98::/32 France
gosix.net KVM [1] Germany
Linode Xen (?) United States, Japan, United Kingdom
Logict Xenserver 2001:07b8:601::/48 Netherlands
Luna.nl B.V. VMware 2001:9c0::/32 Netherlands
Tilaa KVM 2001:1af8:3100:b000::/64 Netherlands Experimental IPv6 support
EDIS KVM 2a03:f80::/32 Austria
VooServers XEN 2a00:1C10:3:634::/64 United Kingdom
RAM Host OpenVZ 2605:8900::/32 United Status
Inception Hosting XEN 2a00:7b80::/32 Netherlands Using part of SnelIS IPv6 range.
Yourwebhoster.eu XEN 2A00:1CA8:E::/48 Netherlands Every VPS gets by default 100 IPv6 IP's, more IP's are free on request.
Waabu Xen (?) Australia Every VPS gets an IPv6 IP, more IP's are free on request.