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This will get AICCU up on openSUSE 11.1

Installing Aiccu

Note: If you are using a custom kernel instead of the stock kernel packages, make sure you have TUN/TAP suppport built into your kernel. Check your .config for

  1. Go to the openSUSE build service and search for aiccu (click here to go direct).
  2. Choose the correct version for your seeds and click it's corresponding 1-click install (If it asks whether to run or save, choose to run the 1-click install file).
  3. Accept the default options and install the package (you will need to provide the root password for this).


see Aiccu/Installation#Configuration

Starting Aiccu

You can start Aiccu using its init-script:

 su -
 /etc/init.d/aiccu start

If you want to start AICCU at startup:

 su -
 chkconfig -s aiccu 35


If you get an error saying it cannot find your coinfiguration file inside /dev/fd, something might be wrong with your configuration file. Go here for a fix (It works for me,your mileage may vary).