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Installing Aiccu on Ubuntu is almost the same like on Debian. But with Ubuntu 10.04 there is a small problem which might be quite confusing.

Installation Step by Step

For installing Aiccu just open a terminal window and run

$ sudo apt-get install aiccu

During the installation you will be asked for the Tunnel-Maker which is SixXS for you. Then you will be asked the Aiccu user name and the Aiccu password. After entering these information your installation should finish.

If the installation process hangs after entering you please continue reading the next section.

Problem with Ubuntu 10.04 installation process

On Ubuntu 10.04 I had the problem that the described installation process for some reason did not finish. If you have the same problem please do not interrupt apt-get or dpkg as it would leave a broken package.

If the installation process hangs just open another terminal window and enter

$ sudo aiccu stop    (This will stop the aiccu daemon, so the installation scripts can continue)

Now apt-get shall finish correctly.

Afterwards you can start aiccu again by entering

$ sudo aiccu start

Checking if Aiccu configuration was successful

To check if your installation was successful, in a terminal window just run

$ ifconfig

You should see a new network device named sixxs.

Congratulations now you have successfully configured your SixXS tunnel.