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This page lists routers that support IPv6 out of the box, otherwise know as "IPv6 Ready Routers". There is a separate page of other Hardware.

Note that at this time some of the popular brands, such as D-Link, Linksys and Belkin, show no signs of supporting IPv6 in the immediate future. Contacting them, or asking on the relavent forums, confirmed that they have nothing available or planned at this point. For this reason, if you wish to add IPv6 support to a router that does not officially support it, then your best best is to look at one of the third-party firmwares, such as OpenWrt, DD-WRT and Sveasoft, but note that not all routers have this option.

It is possible to configure a generalised computer, using BSD or Linux for example, to act as a router though this is outside the scope of this page.

Another note for Cisco Routers in my example configuration was that the router should be directly assigned to the internet not through NAT or anything else. It did not work although all ports were forwarded to the device. So configure your Router with a dedicated Internet-Link!

Just because a router supports IPv6 does not mean it will support establishing a tunnel, so you should check that tunnelling is supported before purchasing it to connect with Sixxs. If you have any of the routers below and have been able to use it to connect to Sixxs directly (as opposed to using a secondary device), then please add a note next to it indicating that it is possible.

The "IPv6 Ready Logo Program" also lists others in their "IPv6 Ready Logo Program Approved List".

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Name Manufacturer Comments
Airport Extreme Apple IPv6 (6to4 and manual tunnels (Teredo)), requires MacOS X or MS-Windows to configure (no web UI). PPPoE, DHCP support. The AirPort Extreme has to have a static IPv4 address in order to work as an IPv6 router, and the IPv6 firewall ("Block incoming IPv6 connections" on the Advanced->IPv6 tab in AirPort Configuration Utility) must be disabled for it to respond to ping as required by sixxs. See configuration instructions.
Time Capsule Apple IPv6 (6to4 and manual tunnels (Teredo)), requires MacOS X or MS-Windows to configure (no web UI). PPPoE, DHCP support. See configuration instructions.
ARxxx Allied Telesis Allied Telesis claims that ipv6 is enabled on its routers via a special feature licence. Configuration example for the AR740 can be found on Allied Telesis website
Fritz!Box WLAN 3270 AVM The current firmware is IPv6 enabled. There's also a How-To in this Wiki. The firmware supports native PPP/IPv6CP connections and 6to4 tunnels (RFC3068 and SixXS).
Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7270 AVM The current firmware is IPv6 enabled for hardware revisions from v2 onwards. There's also a How-To in this Wiki.
Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7340 AVM Since firmware version 99.04.86 (official stable release) IPv6 is fully supported (including SIXXS tunneling), but 99.04.88 (official stable release) is much more stable and has more IPv6 options. The link points to the manual only (not to the product page). The model is not shown on the website, probably only available through ISPs, not in retail stores.
Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7390 AVM Since firmware version 84.04.87 (official stable release) IPv6 is fully supported (including SIXXS tunneling).
Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7570 VDSL AVM See Fritz!Box 7270
WHR-HP-AG108 Buffalo Technology IPv6 is not indicated in the specifications, but is mentioned in the product manual
WZR-AG300NH Buffalo Technology IPv6 support is listed in the specifications
WBMR-G54 Buffalo Technology IPv6 is not indicated in the specifications, but is mentioned in the product manual
Cisco 827H Cisco IPv6 Tunneling support in IP PLUS 12.4. Configuration help can be found on SixXS FAQ. (Although it supports IPv6, this IOS has limited functionalities (No Firewall, IPSEC, CBAC,...))
Cisco 83x Cisco IPv6 support in IP/FW/PLUS 3DES (k9o3sy6) 12.4 IOS. Configuration help can be found on SixXS FAQ.
Cisco 87x Cisco IPv6 support in advipservicesk9 IOS  87x (128Mb RAM/28 Flash), also in adventerprisek9 for 876 router. Configuration help can be found on SixXS FAQ. Please note that IPv6 tunneling is not available for 85x series although they are very similar to 87x. 
DIR-615 D-Link DIR-615 - Wireless b/g/n Router. IPv6 supported in some models. Hardware revision C with firmware 3.01 supports IPv6 both natively and with tunnels (including 6-in-4 static). IPv6 functionality is documented in the manual for Rev.C (Note: Rev.D with firmware 4.00 does not support IPv6.)
DIR-825 D-Link DIR-825 Wireless a/g/n Router. IPv6 Phase 2 Ready (gold logo).
Vigor 2130 DrayTek Vigor 2130, 2130n and 2130Vn. IPv6 supported in firmware version 1.2.0 and higher. Supports native IPv6 on WAN-side, as well as tunnels via TSPC (no aiccu yet). LAN-side can be configured with radvd and DHCPv6.
ScreenOS 5.0 Juniper Networks Full support for ipv6 in Netscreen 5XT, 204/208, 500 and 5200 (MGT1+8G), 5GT, ISG 2000. Tunnel configuration example can be found on bluerait website
RVS4000 Linksys ipv6 support LAN side, doesn't support ipv6 over ipv4 tunneling
Linux derived Various Other than wrt. One can configure ipv6 tunneling using SixXS FAQ on any Linux firewall router distribution. IPCop, m0n0wall, XORP.
Sonicwall TZ Sonicwall Allthough SonicOS Enhanced 4.0 supports IPv6, can't verify support for tunneling ipv6 over ipv4
TEW-652BRP Trendnet Trendnet TEW-652BRP V1.0R is a wireless Wifi-b/g/n router. Its own firmware does not support IPv6, but thanks to identical hardware it can be flashed with D-Link DIR-615 C firmware, which supports IPv6.


Name Manufacturer Comments
Cisco ASA Cisco IPv6 support, there is a howto available in this wiki for the IPv6-IPv4 tunneling configuration.
Cisco PIX Cisco IPv6 support, but no IPv6-IPv4 tunneling configuration available. Now End of sale with the newer ASA series
Cisco 1700 Cisco IPv6 support on advipservicesk9 and adventerprisek9 IOS. This is the minimum series, any greater series 1800, 2600, 2800, 3600, 3800+ router supports ipv6 too. Cisco is given support to ipv6 since May 2001, the first IOS release with IPv6 support was the 12.2T. Configuration help can be found here
Fortigate Fortinet IPv6 support on all models as of firmware 2.80. IPv6 tunnels supported with firmware 3.00 maybe earlier (cannot confirm this). Configuration help can be found here
A-MSRx0 series HP IPv6 is fully supported.
JunOS Juniper Networks Full support for ipv6 in M-series and T-series. Configuration help can be found here
PA series Palo Alto Networks In current firmware (PAN-OS 3.1) IPv6 is only available in 'Virtual Wire' setup. IPv6 will be fully supported in PAN-OS 4.0 (Q1 2011)
Mikrotik Routerboard Mikrotik Mikrotik 3.x and up has IPv6 support, RA-support, RIPng, OSPFv3, 6to4 tunnels (static). Metalcases are available and the boards are available with up to 9 NICs and multiple wireless if needed. Matter of fact, there's also OpenWRT and DD-WRT ports for some of the boards, if you don't like RouterOS. Simple IPv6 guide for setting RouterOS up with tunnels can be found here.
Sonicwall NSA series Sonicwall SonicOS Enhanced 5.0+ claims ipv6 prepared, can't verify if it supports tunneling ipv6 over ipv4
Netlron XMR series Brocade IPv6 supported

Note: You are encouraged to update this list if you know of IPv6 capable routers not yet listed here.

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