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FAQ : Connectivity (Tunnels and Subnets) : Where can I get native IPv6 / Which ISPs provide IPv6?

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Where can I get native IPv6 / Which ISPs provide IPv6?

The following is a list of providers who can provide native IPv6 to their customers. The list contains both consumer and business ISPs or in effect any ISP who provides access to an end-site. We also include providers using 6rd as this is close-to-native and ISP provided.

Note that this list only comprises Access Providers and not hosting providers. Most hosting providers can provide IPv6 already simply because it is native IPv6 on the local network in the same datacenter.

Japanese IPv6 Access Providers are listed on IPv6 Style: IPv6 Services in Japan Japan.

Russian IPv6 Access Providers are listed on's Russian ISP List Russia.

For Transit providers check the IPv6 Transit list.

The IPv6 Providers

[cz] Czech Republic[de] Germany[sk] SlovakiaDial Telecom2001:4de8::/32Fiber and Fixed WirelessEthernet 
[de] GermanyDr.-Ing. Nepustil2001:14f8::/32Ethernet, DSLEthernet 
[de] GermanyEasynet2001:6f8::/32DSL and othersPPPv6 or Ethernet 
[de] GermanyGaertner Datensysteme2a00:1030::/32Ethernet, DSLEthernet, PPPv6 
[de] GermanyIDKOM Networks GmbH DSL and othersPPPv6 or Ethernet 
[de] GermanyIKS GmbH Jena2001:4bd8::/32Ethernet and othersEthernet 
[de] GermanyIndividual Network Berlin e.V.2001:bf0:c000::/35xDSL, VPN, EthernetPPPv6 or EthernetIN-Berlin
[at] Austria[bg] Bulgaria[cz] Czech Republic[de] Germany[es] Spain[fr] France[gb] United Kingdom (Great Britain)[hu] Hungary[it] Italy[nl] Netherlands, The[se] Sweden[sk] SlovakiaInteroute2001:1478::/32EthernetEthernet 
[ch] Switzerland[de] GermanyKGT new media2a02:7a0::/32xDSL, EthernetPPPv6, Ethernet 
[de] GermanyMIVITEC Rechenzentrum Munchen GmbH2a00:14e0::/32Ethernet, SDSL, VPNEthernet 
[de] GermanyPBX-network GmbH2a00:9e00::/32Ethernet, DSLPPPv6 
[de] GermanyRelAix Networks GmbH2a00:fe0::/32DSL, Fiber, Wireless P2PEthernet 
[de] Germanyrh-tec2001:1a50::/32DSLPPPv6Free of charge, including 3 GB traffic. T-DSL required
[de] GermanySpace.Net2001:608::/32DSL and othersPPPv6 or Ethernet 
[de] GermanySpeedPartner GmbH2a01:198::/32DSL and othersPPPv6 or Ethernet 
[de] GermanyTAL.DE Klaus Internet Service GmbH2a01:170::/32DSLEthernetIn Beta
[de] GermanyTitan Networks2001:4b88::/32DSLPPPv6Titan-DSL

The "Technology" column either contains:
  • Ethernet: Ethernet, or in the case of DSL actually bridged from ATM
  • PPPv6: existing or additional PPP session which carries IPv6

The Countries

The following table shows a statistic of how many ISPs provide native IPv6 in each country.

Germany deGermany17
United States usUnited States14
Switzerland chSwitzerland10
United Kingdom (Great Britain) gbUnited Kingdom (Great Britain)9
Netherlands, The nlNetherlands, The8
France frFrance7
Italy itItaly6
New Zealand nzNew Zealand5
Canada caCanada3
Hungary huHungary2
Singapore sgSingapore2
Australia auAustralia2
Austria atAustria2
Slovakia skSlovakia2
Czech Republic czCzech Republic2
Finland fiFinland1
Ukraine uaUkraine1
Tanzania tzTanzania1
Poland plPoland1
Denmark dkDenmark1
Estonia eeEstonia1
Sweden seSweden1
Bulgaria bgBulgaria1
Ireland ieIreland1
Spain esSpain1

Getting Listed

When you are an ISP providing IPv6 connectivity to endsites and you are not yet listed above, then please contact SixXS, providing them with the above information.

Would it not be bad for SixXS if Native IPv6 was available everywhere?

Why would it? One of the targets of SixXS is to stop providing tunnels to endusers because everybody can get native IPv6 connectivity. Thus if there are enough providers that people don't need tunnels any more, our mission is successful.

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