Singapore Linux Conference 1999

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Thu, 26 Nov 1998 18:42:01 +0800

SLC'99: Singapore Linux Conference 1999
5th-6th March 1999
Suntec City International Convention Center

The SLC'99 Program Committee solicits proposals for 
panels, tutorials and poster sessions which will,
but is not limited to, showcase
the utilization of the Linux operating system, 
encourage vigorous discussion and further  the
understanding of and extend Linux to the general

SLC, organized by the Linux User Group,Singapore
(LUGS) will be the first time a conference 
focussing on Linux is held in Singapore, 
let alone Asia.

Within the technical/scientific track we have
a session for "IPv6 and LINUX" and would
like to solicit for prospective speakers/tutorials
or workshop programs.

CONFERENCE:     5-6 March 1998

                Tutorials/Worshops: 5th March 1999
                Linux Install Fest: 5th March 1999
                BOF meetings: yet to be decided.

                Trach #1:
                        * beowulf class computing
                            beowulf cluster computing
                        * developer issues
                        * kernel 3.0
                        * ISP operations
                        * security
                        * java
                        * coda file system
                        * IPv6
                Track #2:
                        * home use
                        * office productivity tools
                        * my mom's linux machine
                        * introduction to linux
                        * scientific community
                        * introduction to linux
                        * scientific community
                        * education
                        * e-commerce (SSL/encryption)
                        * business issues
                        * games
                        * penguin
                        * user group issues

        (You may send proposals by email or snail mail)
                        Amlan Saha (Conference Chair)
                        194 Holland Road
                        Singapore 278587


PS: Registration details for attendees will be made available in 
due course at

Yours truly
-Amlan Saha

Amlan Saha                    
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